Jason Kaufman is a terrific attorney
Robert, a Criminal Defense client

"Mr. Jason Kaufman is a Florida defense attorney who will obtain the best legal outcome possible through expert representation in court, meticulous legal research, and vigorous pursuit of his client’s legal rights. I have known Mr. Kaufman for one year during which time he successfully represented my son. In court, the prosecutor and judge listened carefully to Mr. Kaufman’s arguments and it was obvious that they held him in the highest regard. It was also evident that Mr. Kaufman respected my son and was concerned about his future, because his vision of a legal solution included treatment for the underlying cause of the felony arrest, substance abuse. Mr. Kaufman prevailed over a justice system that was initially focused on maximum punishment without rehabilitation, but ultimately was convinced to consider rehabilitation as part of the legal solution. Mr. Kaufman’s relentless legal efforts and advocacy kept my son from giving up and gave him and our family hope for his future. I highly recommend Mr. Jason Kaufman, he is professional, he is ethical, he is a legal expert, he is respected by his peers, he eloquently defends his clients and backs up his words with thorough legal research. On behalf of my son and our family, thank you Jason."

Mr. Jason Kaufman is an Excellent Attorney!
Claire, a Criminal Defense client

"Jason Kaufman was recommended to me and I couldn't be more appreciative! He has proven to me that attorneys can be all that you want them to be in a time of need. Mr. Kaufman was easy to reach when important questions come up, kept me informed, showed warm compassion, and got the job done with knowledge, precision and best of all great results! My son is now free of that terrible ordeal, we can be together again as a family, and I would and have highly recommended him to those in need of his services. Wow, I'm glad that's over and done! Many thanks to Mr.Kaufman!"

Jason Alan Kaufman the representation you looking for
William, a Criminal Defense client

"I contact Jason, I was really concern, from the very first moment, he was professional, he was informative, he was concern, and was willing to work with my case, and as I expected everything
Work out just the way he explained to me, no only a magnificent attorney but a wonderful human ,
I highly recommend Jason for anybody out there looking to be represent in the court system in the U.S.A. You will find no better representation than attorney Jason Kaufman"

Criminal Defense client

"My experience with Jason Kaufman over the past six weeks has been above and beyond what I could have ever expected or asked for. My son 21 years of age was in a very desperate situation and had violated his is probation. As a parent you can only image the feeling alone needing to make the right decision and finding the right attorney. Jason responded to my call immediately and then met with my son in the county jail the very same day. He was honest and transparent about what to expect regarding the costs in order to proceed and gave me a financial plan that I could follow which was more than fair. He was attentive during the hearings and listened to my needs as I struggled through each hearing for my son. He also made suggestions as to what was needed for the final hearing and plea. He made it known at all times what my son was facing legally and what the prosecutor was asking for which was "Prison". In the final hearing of my son I watched as Jason Kaufman and the Prosecutor presented the case to the Judge which both evidence and questions to the witnesses. This was a very critical in the manner that set the stage for how the judge would sentence my son. Lastly, Jason set the stage for the Judge to understand that my son was not a candidate for prison but for consequence that would help him get back into society with the help my son desperately needed. The Judge ruled positive against all the odds we were facing from the beginning of the case and up to the very last minute. This was as a result of Jason Kaufman not giving up for one minute and fighting to the very end. I highly recommend anyone that is need of an attorney that truly cares, has a sense of urgency, communicates honestly and professionally with passion."

There for you
Ravi, a DUI client

"Always available and will never leave you asking questions about your case. He is a professional attorney and will not disregard your calls or questions. He is a current co-counsel on my second degree felony case which he is fighting to keep me out of jail or prison. Jason is a great advocate to have on your side and will fight for you with his heart . Great man and Great advocate."

Dui/open container/speed to fast

"Dismmised every count didnt had to pay nothing.Best feeling to have your driver license thank to Jason.may all your blessing count and keep going with your career and keep saving people life for something they didnt do.If i ever need a lawyer I will go ask Jason for help.If you need help call Jason he will help you with your problems.Thank You!"

Kaufman #1
Arron, a Child Custody client

"For the past year I have been dealing with a very difficult situation a situation that no parent wants to ever go through Mr Kaufman was their day and night.. To make a long story short my case ended up going to trial and we won.. So matter what your situation is Mr Kaufman is your guy he's thoughtful caring responsible and very aware of your situation I could not have asked for a better attorney so at this time I like to thank you Jason Kaufman for everything you have done .. Thanks AK&AF"

Rav, a Criminal Defense client

"Jason has been my attorney since Nov 2008 and is currently representing me on serious charges. I have been extremely pleased with his professionalism conduct and knowledge. He always has time to speak with me and regarding my case. He is an attorney that has your best interest in mind."

Will Recommend!
Kenneth, a DUI client

"Jason was very professional and knowledgeable. I felt I could call him anytime with any question! He was very helpful in preparing me for court and also walked me through step by step how he planned to handle my case. I was extremely nervous because this was my second offense but Jason was very real and positive with me which made me feel hopeful. I would recommend Jason to everyone!"

Always on your side for best possible results!
Vari damand justice, a Criminal Defense client

"Jason has represented and is currently representing me for serious felony matters. One occured 3 years ago and was always there to answer my questions and calls. With this very serious case he acts as if this is the only case he has and is extremely involved. He is very honest and ready to render the appropriate resources to get the best outcome ."

WorksTireless in protecting his clients
dg, a Criminal Defense client

"Jason is qualified, experienced and effective. He can make the difference of going to prison or having charges dismissed. He is competent, reliable,compassionate. Treats his clients as individuals not just another case. He has personally saved a life in our family and no matter how small the charge or serious the charge, he is prepared to defend and fight the fight for you. A good criminal defense Attorney is a must this is the difference of the impact of your outcome. It is vital to choose competency."

Excellent Law Firm
Frank, a DUI client

"I recieved a DUI back in 2011. I was referred to Mr.Kaufman by an associate of mine. Mr.Kaufman is one of the best lawyers (if not the best) I have ever had represent me. All of my run-in's with the law have been traffic related. I have used other attorney's to represent me and more times than not, I was unhappy with the results. The evidence against me by the state was quite strong. Road side test were poor, I refused the breath test, and gave many self incriminating statements to the arresting agency. From my first meeting with Mr.Kaufman, he gave me a set price, which was roughly around $5k. I was not able to meet that amount and Mr.Kaufman was more than willing to work with me and set me up on a payment plan. Mr.Kaufman saved my D/L from the DMV (which is rare in a DUI case), I had no restrictions on my D/L. Mr.Kaufman prepared diligently and spent many hours working on my case. He was always available to assist me with any legal ques./concerns I had. Eventually he got the charges reduced to reckless driving, saved my career, and my future. He did an excellent job representing me, and I would recommend him to anyone seeking legal defense in criminal cases."

Professional and honest
Mitchell Spencer, a Criminal Defense client

"Jason represented me on a very sensitive matter, and did an incredible job through the entire process. He told me one price at the beginning, and it didn't change like most lawyers."

traffic ticket
barbara, a Speeding Ticket client

"I am always pleased with the service I receive I truly recommend these services."

Excellent Service
Marc, a Criminal Defense client

"Mr. Kaufman provided outstanding legal counsel to my brother over a series of legal troubles during the span of about 18 months. Over that entire time, I found Mr. Kaufman to be knowledgeable, thoughtful and thorough in reviewing his cases and in exhausting every avenue to provide the best defense for my brother. I recommend Mr. Kaufman to anyone who needs a hardworking and competent lawyer."

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