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Kaufman Legal Group is always on your side, ​even w​hen it feels like the weight of the world is against you.

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Being arrested is not the end of the story, it is the beginning. Let us tell your story so it gets heard by the people that matter.

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About Jason Kaufman

Jason Kaufman​ is not your typical lawyer. He takes your case personally – which is a big factor in why he is trusted by his clients and their considerable ​success stories​. Jason and his team consider it an honor to fight for people who are entangled in our criminal justice system whether it is due to an addiction, poor choices, or unfortunate unforeseen circumstances

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No one should go through the trauma of being arrested and charged without a strong legal advocate to guide them. Kaufman Legal Group is an ​award-winning (established, reputable)​ criminal defense law firm that is here to help with:

  • ​Homicide​ and other ​violent crimes
  • ​Domestic violence​ charges
  • ​DUI
  • Felony charges
  • Misdemeanor charges
  • Restraining orders

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Jason Kaufman


  • I liked Mr. Kaufman as he helped me with a fraudulent domestic violence case in south Florida while I was handling a Family court case in North Florida. He was able to get the injunction dropped against me in south Florida and he offered A+ service as well as explaining things to me. I would recommend him to anyone in South Florida. – November 2, 2018

    By Anonymous
    Great defense Lawyer
  • I hired Jason to defend me on a Battery charge which I was accused of out of spite by someone. I was in a horrible situation. Like many of you out there, I have a good life, good job, and this situation scared the heck out of me. I went online to try and look at some good reviews for a defense attorney and found Jason. I went to his office and he reassured me, immediately found a defense approach and attacked the charge with this approach. The State Attorney didn’t even bother bringing the charges to trial because they knew they weren’t going to win. All I can say is we won. We won. Thank you Jason. I feel like you saved my life. – January 23, 2018

    By Harold
    Great Attorney and I am Very Grateful
  • Mr. Jason Kaufman is a Florida defense attorney who will obtain the best legal outcome possible through expert representation in court, meticulous legal research, and vigorous pursuit of his client’s legal rights. I have known Mr. Kaufman for one year during which time he successfully represented my son. In court, the prosecutor and judge listened carefully to Mr. Kaufman’s arguments and it was obvious that they held him in the highest regard. It was also evident that Mr. Kaufman respected my son and was concerned about his future, because his vision of a legal solution included treatment for the underlying cause of the felony arrest, substance abuse. Mr. Kaufman prevailed over a justice system that was initially focused on maximum punishment without rehabilitation, but ultimately was convinced to consider rehabilitation as part of the legal solution. Mr. Kaufman’s relentless legal efforts and advocacy kept my son from giving up and gave him and our family hope for his future. I highly recommend Mr. Jason Kaufman, he is professional, he is ethical, he is a legal expert, he is respected by his peers, he eloquently defends his clients and backs up his words with thorough legal research. On behalf of my son and our family, thank you Jason. – September 2, 2014

    By Robert
    Jason Kaufman is a terrific attorney
  • Mr kaufman was very professional. His major efforts and good strategy prevented me from going to jail or even getting probation. I knew i was not guilty but unfortunately it still takes a skilled lawyer to prove that. I can finally put the past behind me and move forward. Mr. Kaufman truly cared about my case unlike many attorneys and public defenders. He showed me a lot of respect and treated me like a family member. I recommend Mr kaufman to anybody that needs an attorney for something small or even as big as a trail case – October 27, 2016

    By Frankcisco
    Excellent trial lawyer
  • I found myself in a jam and Jason was recommended to me. Jason handled the case better than I thought possible. The outcome could have been really bad but he was able to negotiate a very good plea agreement for. I would definitely recommend Jason as your defense counsel. – December 4, 2015

    By John
    Great Attorney
  • Jason Kaufman was recommended to me and I couldn’t be more appreciative! He has proven to me that attorneys can be all that you want them to be in a time of need. Mr. Kaufman was easy to reach when important questions came up, kept me informed, showed warm compassion, and got the job done with knowledge, precision and best of all great results! My son is now free of that terrible ordeal, we can be together again as a family, and I would have highly recommended him to those in need of his services. Wow, I’m glad that’s over and done! Many thanks to Mr.Kaufman! – June 18, 2014

    By Claire
    Mr. Jason Kaufman is an Excellent Attorney!
  • I contact Jason, I was really concern, from the very first moment, he was professional, he was informative, he was concern, and was willing to work with my case, and as I expected everything Work out just the way he explained to me, no only a magnificent attorney but a wonderful human , I highly recommend Jason for anybody out there looking to be represent in the court system in the U.S.A. You will find no better representation than attorney Jason Kaufman – June 14, 2014

    By William
    Jason Alan Kaufman the representation you looking for