Critics would say that celebrities get carried away with their fame and cultural power. Fans would say they were jubilant or were troubled, and made the mistake. The police only sees a misconduct, a broken law, and the reaction.

For us, it’s a long list of ramifications that could potentially disrupt future prospects for a person, starting with the effect it could have on reputation, especially if the charges went on permanent record. This could prove devastating for their career prospects, job opportunities, and more.  Then there is their mental well-being and that of their loved ones. Given that each case arises amidst individualized circumstances, they have to be dealt in different ways.

Take the example of Disney’s “Lab Rats” star Billy Unger who was arrested in June last year for DUI in Malibu, CA. He was 18 years old then with alcohol levels at .08. This was a normal case that can be resolved with immediate counsel as the alcohol measurement was not above the legal limit. A similar case was for JimIrsay, owner of Indianapolis Colts, who was arrested in March in Carmel, IN but refused to get the BAC test upon arrest, and hence had license suspended as he awaited trial. It was a case of clear lack of prior education and counseling.

Compare this with Rapper Chief Keefarrest in May in Highland Park, IL, a suburb of Chicago.Keef’s case came right after his rehabilitation from use of marijuana. This case requires careful consideration of previous record that could be used against him and hence requires more thorough preparation to subdue charges.

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