Bill Cosby’s cases exemplify the dictum “knowledge is power” — the power of knowledge to protect one’s rights and secure legal liberties against all opinions, allegations, and accusations. Over the decades, it seems that Cosby has become the caricaturized version of himself. A renowned stand-up comedian, the celeb has lived through waves of allegations and accusations of assault, lawsuits and litigations. However, Cosby is unlikely to see the inside of the prison cell, not unless his attorney lets her/his guard down.

This brings us to the crucial role an attorney plays in guarding the celeb against accusers, whose remarks could potentially destroy his reputation, career, future prospects, and legacy.  In our liberal society, we often take for granted the ramifications of the freedoms that we have gained after decades of struggle, and which we can so easily exercise (ranging from freedom of speech to freedom of association). And amidst this day-to-day exercise of freedoms is our legal system that truncates freedoms so that everyone can enjoy it equally well.

The pace of our lifestyle, in turn, has made the system more reactive and spontaneous to taking preventing actions. In absence of proper professional representation and experienced counsel, this can force people into difficult positions — one that can dramatically alter their future.

The biggest example is that of celebrities, famous people, and cultural icons (of all people). Their cases clearly show how freedoms and rights can be curtailed by the smallest of mistakes (from juvenile misconduct and DUI to theft, assault, and more) and in case of Cosby, how proper representation can guard them.

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