Petit Theft

Once two friends went out for shopping, they were hanging out at each mall for more than 3 hours and the end of the day after completing the tiresome shopping, they reached home. One of the friend was checking all the items that they bought, out of which she found a beautiful pink top that they haven’t purchased so she informed her friend that it might be someone else’s dress that by mistake would have mingled with their dresses but the other friend smiled and said I lifted it! The other one was shocked to hear. We have so many shoplifters’ around us who do this shoplifting often either knowingly or unknowingly.

This kind of shoplifting is not only because of some mental disorder with the person but also most of the people who are not affected by kleptomania also steal. It has been proved that more than $13 billion worth products are stolen every year. However, this petit theft is considered minor one, when compared to other serious crimes. Yet, it becomes nuisance to both the shopkeeper and the customers who actually buy things out of interest and if, they loose it as soon as buying it would be more of disappointment for them and on the other side, the shopkeepers have to respect each of their customers with care. If they suspect the wrong one for shoplifting it would cause a serious issue, other than this there are more chances of losing the most costly and rare items from the shop.

Mostly a person is arrested if he /she is suspected for shoplifting. One steals valuable things that would worth less than $150 from a shop or even stealing an item that worth $ 300 from an individual, he or she would be either jailed for 6 months or should pay fine of up to $400. It would be shocking to hear that most of the shoplifter would have enough money to buy that item yet, they do such theft. Often teenagers are caught for such theft as they do it either for fun or for some kind of satisfaction. They never realize how much it would affect on their life. As the main reason for the teens to do such act is mainly peer pressure a few in other case just do it for fun and frolic! Just to impress their friends and to show them how daring they are. But they would never realize how dangerous it would be if they are caught unless they experience it. Once caught on spot for shoplifting, they may be arrested or fined, and even marked as the petit theft forever. Even though one would have just attempted only once because he/she might have challenged his/her friends but that would never ever come in front of the scene once when you are caught.

It has been found that there are around 27 million shoplifters all around the world that is 1 in 11 of a group of people. The most shocking news is that almost 25% of the shoplifters are kids and rest 75% are adults. As it is said that shoplifting is not really considered as premeditated offense and it has also been found that most of the shoplifting is not preplanned. Moreover, out of 100% percent of such shoplifter only 3% are sounded to be professionals and others are first-timers, who do it just for the sake of fun or some kind of satisfaction or else in need. All the non-professional shoplifters are harmless as they would have never committed any other crime that is said to be violent. In fact, they would rather help people who were in need of help if injured. These kinds of offenders can indeed be bailed out from law if they are backed up professional lawyers.

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