Criminal Mischief

Damaging Public Properties Could Cost a Lot

Criminal mischief is a type of crime associated with damage of others property. The categorization of the mischief into felony or misdemeanor is dependent on the type of the crime and circumstance. In addition, the degree of damage and the intent behind the mischief plays a vital role in the imposition of charges as well. A few of the criminal mischief include: scratching the sides of the key, throwing stones on the buses and motor cycles, etc. In brief, anything which results in endanger of another human being is termed as criminal mischief.

Defrauding and vandalism are other two forms criminal mischief which may lead to sentence or fines. Creating damages to public properties can lead to severe law breaching which in turn leads to penalization. Even intervening in the public infrastructure and damaging moving objects like government buses, vehicles could lead to immense fines and imprisonment as well. Depending upon the nature of the crime, the punishments and penalties will emerge. Damaging the health and safety of another human being falls under the class B misdemeanor. A minimum of 6 months and a fine of approximately $900 can be expected for this kind of crime.

Whereas if the damage of the property or health of person calculated due to the mischief is found to be more than the $300 to $1,000 (a class A misdemeanor), then the imprisonment would be approximately 1 year and fine of approximately $2,000 can be expected. If the damage occurred to the infrastructure of the property is more than $4,000 then the crime will booked under the felony charges which results in an imprisonment of 1–15 years with fines up to $10,000.

It doesn’t mean that only criminals face these kinds of charges, even a person who abides law in some inevitable circumstances can face these kinds of charges due to momentary venting of emotions. It doesn’t matter who performs the crime and at what kind of circumstance it happens; it is covered under the misdemeanor crime and the end result would be prison. These kinds of cases are very complicated and require quite a great deal of criminal knowledge in order to overcome the charges. Of many ways available, the easiest and quickest way is to consult with a defense lawyer who has a thorough knowledge over the misdemeanor will be able to pull the convicted person out of the crime charges framed against him.

The ultimate reason behind contacting a professional lawyer is to protect yourself from the charges as well as the fines. As the law enforcement authorities will be severe in handling the criminal mischief cases, the rules are formulated in such a way that there won’t be any sympathy shown toward any of the convicts under any kind of circumstances. It is always better to avoid indulging in these kinds of crimes rather than searching for a solution to overcome them. However, sometimes inevitable circumstances can pull anyone into these kinds of cases and only a reliable and professional lawyer can help anyone to come out of the cases.

A professional defense lawyer can put the prosecution lawyer on the back foot on the hearing of the criminal mischief case based upon a few factors. If the lawyer is able to prove certain points and bring in proper evidences, then the convict will be set free from the case. On the other hand if the convicted person is proven to be guilty, then one thing is for sure that his professional as well as personal life will be under threat undoubtedly.  Ensure that a well-reputed lawyer is approached for setting yourself free from the criminal mischief cases.

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