Consult a Defense Lawyer for Minimizing the Penalization

Most of the people get confused with the use of the terms assault and battery. In general they are coupled as a single crime. However, there is a distinct and clear difference between the two. Assault is termed as verbal threat or potential harm induced on other person; whereas, battery involves physical contact between the two (convict and victim) with intention. These below-mentioned examples would clearly illustrate the difference between the battery and assault. Battery: stealing a jewel from a woman by harming her; assault: threatening someone in order to beat him up for not returning the money.

Physical contacts are always associated with the battery charges; whereas they may or may not play a role assault charges. As said above, the physical contact stands not only for beating someone but also for hugging or kissing someone (forcefully) without their permission. These kinds of charges are termed as sexual battery. Charges which do not include any sexual abuse are termed as ordinary battery. The charges and penalties imposed for the sexual battery will be hefty than the ordinary one. Sexual battery may not strictly be charged under the misdemeanor; depending the circumstance and crime it may be framed under felony as well.

Irrespective of the situation, the battery charges are often dealt with harsh prosecutions. Any form of inflicting harm to any person physically or sexually will fetch severe sentences and penalties. The penalization varies with respect to the states and location at which the crime has happened. Juvenile battery is the most worst of all and the penalties associated with these cases are very high. It may even be framed under the felony charge based on certain scene of crime. The penalties associated with juvenile battery are as follows: sentencing for years, house arrest, hefty fines, counseling, etc. As the juveniles are less than 18 years old, the penalties and imprisonment would book a criminal record against their names which could affect their future life to a great extent. No one will be willing to help someone who has a bad criminal record and affect the personal as well as professional life entirely.

The prosecution side will look out for all the possibilities to prosecute the convicted person. Based on the few factors, the convicted can be fined heavily or imprisoned in for many years. In general, the points put forward by the prosecution lawyers will be based on the hardness of the injuries, mode of attack, and the previous criminal records if anything associated with the convicted person. In circumstances like this, the ideal way to protect the convicted person from the severe imprisonment and penalties is to approach the right defense lawyer who possesses a great deal of knowledge over the battery charges and how to get rid of them. Only a reputed lawyer is capable of cracking the case and helping the convicted person get out of it.

Defense lawyers with their immense experience and exposure to the laws will find out some means to get the person out of the trouble. It doesn’t mean whoever arrested is guilty. Sometimes, things go wrong in the process of self-defending when one person is provoked by another. The defense lawyers make a note of these kinds of points and try to prove that the entire crime took place for preventing the convicted person from the assault of the another person to set the convicted person free or with minimal charges and sentence. Hence, facing the trial and battery charges against your name with a reliable and capable defense lawyer is the only way to safeguard yourself from the severe imprisonment and penalties.

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